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Community Impact Collaborative

A model for creating thriving communities

Using proven strategies & leveraged resources to create the results you want


6-8 Multisector Organizations

6 Month Program


 In Grant Resources


Local Support and Ownership

Creating Thriving Communities:

A Results-Driven Collaborative Framework

Results Framework Training

  • Training for defining, managing, and communicating success

  • Monthly collaborative results & learning discussions

  • Final Results & Learning Conference

Data-Informed Strategy Development

  • Attend an in-person training led by the team to get hands-on experience with the software!

  • Every staff member who will be a software user will need to be trained

Collective Impact Model

  • Common agenda

  • Shred measurement

  • Mutually reinforcing activities

  • Continuous communication

  • Backbone support

  • Shared Resource Development

  • Shared success reports

Culture of Collaboration

  • Shared understanding and importance of everyones role

  • Improved gains as a result of collaboration

  • A space for open authentic ideas are shared and valued

  • A relentless focus on improving community conditions

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"I struggled for several years creating my nonprofit and trying to secure grants. My skills and success as an entrepreneur proved of very little value in this space. The expertise and guidance Strategic Impact Coach was exactly what I needed. I had great success in my first year once I partnered with this team! I am very grateful for the value they've added. I wish I would have found them sooner."

"The grants development  framework has allowed a more thoughtful approach to program planning. It has allowed us to see connections and identify gaps in programming as well as provide a process flow to monitor operations month over month in order to gain better insights in a timelier fashion."

"Creating the grants development framework prior to the start of each funding year has been an extremely helpful process in helping our team hone in on which metrics are truly important to capture as they relate to communicating our success toward meeting program goals. We have been able to use the framework not only at the outset of each grant year, but also along the way, to ensure that we’re tracking the most valuable metrics that bring growth to our project and insight to our funders."